Cage the Elephant

I'm choosing a live video clip, because the studio tracks can't possibly capture the raw energy of a Cage the Elephant show. I saw my first one a few weeks ago, and became an immediate fan. From what I can tell, they usually end with this song, and you couldn't choose a better closer. Pounding, straightforward, hooky guitar riff and rollicking drums lay a bed for an absolute maniac of a frontman, leaving the audience wondering what the hell just punched them in the chest. Matt Shultz is in better shape than me. The guy kept up this level of energy for the entire hour-long set. It's like Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop had a baby in a Kentucky garage. So fun to watch live. You can skip the last three minutes of this video because it's mostly feedback while Shultz crowd surfs, but give the first couple minutes a gander. Are you into the beat?